20 Sep

Learn: About Web Accessibility [VIDEO]

Photo via itjil

Web accessibility and web design go hand in hand. If you’re creating a website, it must be  accessible to those with disabilities, as well as cross-browser compatible. Sure, this isn’t breaking news, it’s still required learning for designers/developers of all stripes.

Here’s a free introductory tutorial on learning web accessibility from treehouse, an online school that teaches technology. They’ve got loads of (paid) courses that will get you up to speed on a wide variety of design and development topics, such as creating a web app, starting a business, or building a website.

Part 1 of 16 of their web accessibility tutorials series is below, and you can watch the rest of the videos in order right here.

09 Sep

WHMSonic – Radio Hosting Panel Updated

Wow! The new WHMSonic Panel, it looks awesome and comes with lot more feature! Yes, the script is updated and all our client radio panel is updated to latest version. You can check the new version by login to your cPanel >> WHMSonic
ShoutCast Admin Pro
. Currently the script is running WHMSonic v2.1.1

Message from WHMSonic:

Many new features direct from your requests with hundreds of tweaks and improvements. It was somehow hard to write every new feature and changes to software, the following list is only highlighted changes and fixes. There are several other new and sub features under the following new features and fixes.

We are very proud to present WHMSonic v2.1; Almost everything you know about WHMSonic software has changed. We have re-coded and re-designed the software completely and we have spent time approximately 2 years on the development, we worked hard together and at the end we brought you amazing and unique new features which are not done ever before, of couse with our “professional but easy to use” policy.

To do list for the radio clients:

1.) If you have an AutoDJ setup from the old version, login to your cPanel WHMSonic and click “Update Required” button on your “AutoDJ Management” page. This will automatically update your AutoDJ without changing your mp3 base and it will create a playlist for your current mp3 base. This will be done within a few seconds or minutes depending on number of mp3 files under the current mp3 base. You can then manage your playlist under the playlist manager with a powerful playlist manager.

2.) WHMSonic requires a playlist before AutoDJ creation now. You can create a playlist under the “Playlist Manager” of your cPanel WHMSonic. You can easily upload music files to your playlist mp3 base which is shown on the playlist page by using “upload music files” button under the playlist manager. Internal radio clients can also use FTP to upload.

3) IMPORTANT: If you are an external radio client, be aware that this version has terminated/removed the FTP features. You have now better upload feature under the “Playlist Manager” >> “Upload Music Files” button. It is a multiple upload feature, you can select multiple songs by holding CTRL key. It will upload your mp3 files and will add them on your playlist, then you can manage your playlist.

For all radio clients, you may watch this tutorial video on how to create an autodj and playlist + ftp and reload playlist function + external radio clients upload new music and autodj creation, Click Here to watch the tutorial video

If you face any issue with your panel, please contact our support desk via email or give us a call.

Enjoy the new version!

08 Sep

WordPress Update 3.4.2

I was just checking our company blog today and found that WordPress released update and the new version is 3.4.2, details information is available on the following two link:



All TetraHost user is requested to update their WordPress installation to latest version.  Update can be done easily by login to the WP Admin panel.

Please contact the support desk if you are having any issue with updating.

03 Sep

TetraHost Welcome Attracta! The Free SEO Tools Available on every cPanel!

Today, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is imperative to give your business the exposure it needs to be successful and allows potential customers to find you easily online. Having Search Engine Optimization will bring more direct hits to your website. More exposure means increased customers, increased sales and increased business success for you.

TetraHost Hosting knows how important it is to have your business website online with easy accessibility for potential customers. That is why TetraHost Hosting has now included Attracta, the Search Engine Optimization plug-in that allows you to apply SEO related techniques to your website directly and quickly. You will find this plug-in in your cPanel, in the section called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools, The World’s Largest SEO Service.. It is absolutely free and their is no need to have great knowledge to maintaining it.

Feature :

  • Guaranteed Inclusion in Google, Yahoo! and Bing
  • Get Listed in the Powerful Attracta Directory
  • Easily Scan for Malware and Google Blacklisting
  • Improve Your Search Ranking with In-Depth SEO Tips and Videos
  • Used by more websites than any other SEO Tools

The Attracta SEO plug-in will optimize and send your website to the top of the Google, Yahoo and Bing. Attracta comes with many features and tools to ensure your website is visible and reachable online.

  • We crawl your website finding all of its pages, including pages that can’t be found by search engines’ crawlers, to create an XML Sitemap and SEO dashboard report.
  • We submit your XML Sitemap directly to the XML interface of major search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing and Ask— plus help you find and fix SEO errors.
  • The search engines use your XML Sitemap to drive more qualified traffic to your site by indexing more pages in search results.

Question: How can i use it?

  • Login to the cPanel
  • Go to “Update Contact Info”
  • Here please check the email address and set the correct one that you want to use with your Attracta Account
  • Once you set the email properly, Go to SEO and Marketing Tools
  • Click on any icon and Agree the Attracta Terms & Conditions
  • As soon as you accept their TOS, your account will be created and details will be emailed to you
  • That is it! You are ON with your Attracta SEO Account!

Your competitors are on the Google™ map. Are you?

60% of households no longer use the Yellow Pages
82% of consumers search online for local products and services
Over 60% of local searches result in a sale!

TetraHost Hosting, the only web hosting service you need for today… to secure success and prosperity with your business tomorrow. Almost 2.5 Million website is using the Attracta SEO Plugin tool! Get your SEO enabled web hosting NOW!