15 May

Announcement: Price Increase on Certain Domains

Effective from May 13, 2019 pricing for few domains will change to reflect a recent increase in prices of the respective TLDs by its registry operator.

Our new price for these TLDs are mentioned below:

Domain | New Price(tk)

.net | 1000/yr
.org | 1000/yr
.biz | 1100/yr
.info | 1100/yr

Our current domain offerings:

TetraHost will continue to regularly assess its market offerings and may occasionally adjust pricing to remain competitive while also providing exceptional value to its customers.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact sales [at] tetrahostbd.com for clarification.

21 Apr

TetraHost is a Proud Sponsor of the “National Domain Hosting Summit 2019”

We’re thrilled to be sponsoring in National Domain Hosting Summit 2019, April 27 in Dhaka. Below is the Summit’s Announcement Poster and Invitation Card:

About BDHPA: Stand for Bangladesh Domain Hosting Provider’s Association. BDHPA’s aims and objectives include the facilitation of trade and business in Web Hosting industries; encouraging advancement of research; facilitation of education, employment and growth of the Bangladesh economy. BDHPA will work to facilitate a higher success rate for member companies in mastering the industry challenges by sharing experiences, network resources, best practices and approaches to special situations.

29 Oct

HostAdvice Great Uptime Award for TetraHost

HostAdvice Great Uptime Award for TetraHost

We’re excited to announce a new award TetraHost has placed on its wall of Excellence. TetraHost has been awarded with “GREAT UPTIME” by HostAdvice. Being anonymously tested by HostAdvice for a 60 days, our hosting services have successfully passed their uptime test. We would like to Thank HostAdvice and their surveying team for acknowledging our UPTIME COMMITMENT. Encouraged by the recognition of excellent service uptime, we will continue to deliver reliable, high quality, scalable and secure hosting services to customers. Our 24/7/365 support staff with expert system admins keep our clients server running at its peak.

Both TetraHost and HostAdvice will be displaying the award on their respective websites.

We are committed to provide:

99.9% Network Uptime Guarantee
24/7 Technical Support
24/7 Security Monitoring
Fast Hosting Environment

02 Sep

Earn 10% For Every Customer You Send Us

Our everlasting goal is to provide such an exceptional level of service, our customers find themselves advocating for TetraHost every chance they get. If you are not exceptionally pleased with our services, We invite you to contact us directly so We can make things as they should be. If however, you are indeed thrilled with our services, We want to pay you for spreading the word about TetraHost.

We will pay you a 10% recurring commission for each and every customer you send our way. Tell your friends, associates and acquaintances about TetraHost and We will pay you each time one of them comes to us, mentions your name and makes a purchase. The payout depends on you. You can take immediate payment or use the amount to renew your services with TetraHost.

If you are interested in learning more about this offer, simply send a email to sales [at] tetrahostbd.com and We will get back to you promptly or give us a call at +8801913377417.


All the Best,

Ashraful Insan Siddiquee
TetraHost | CEO


24 Jun

Announcement: iPay – New Payment Method Activated – Accepting any Bank/Card Payment

We are very excited to offer another payment method to our clients which is iPay. From now on, Our clients will be able to pay TetraHost from any bank account, debit or credit card via iPay System and without extra transaction charge.

You can signup for an iPay account using following URL:

For signup help, please visit following URL:

In order to signup with iPay, user will need an introducer and TetraHost will be more then happy to be your introducer. You can ask for our Introduction by submitting request to following number: +8801913377417 from your iPay portal or you can contact us with your iPay contact number for an Introduction. You can contact us directly via sales [at] tetrahostbd.com or give us a call at +8801913377417

Once your account is activated completely, you can pay us using iPay Mobile App by scanning our QR Code. You can get our QR Code from following URL: https://www.tetrahostbd.com/payment

iPay also allow users to pay from their Web Portal. Payment via iPay requires no extra charges which means TetraHost client can pay the exact amount which is shown on the service invoice and the transaction is instant via secure system.

We hope the new payment system will allow our existing and new clients to pay us conveniently, quickly and securely.

Happy Hosting Shopping 🙂

11 Feb

Announcement: Global Web Hosting Location

We are very happy to announce, TetraHost will be offering Hosting Service using two more geo location which is Singapore and Bangladesh. Our client will be able to order shared, reseller or dedicated server hosting service from USA, SG or BD location.

At TetraHost, our goal is to make sure that you get the fastest page load speeds possible. That is why We have introduced two new server location to our service, Bangladesh and Singapore. Our Server platform includes everything We feature to ensure your site gets the fastest speeds including Cloudlinux Optimized OS, free SSDs and up to 20X faster Turbo Servers. It also includes your choice of data centers from one of our global locations. This brings your websites closer to you and your visitors. This is a key factor in decreasing latency, the amount it takes for the server where your site is hosted on to receive and process requests. Lowering your latency can significantly increase your site’s performance.

TetraHost currently has data centers located in:

Florida, USA
Singapore, Singapore
Dhaka, Bangladesh

To verify latency you can check following IPs to run ping test from you PC and below is the ping test result from TetraHost Office Location:

USA: – 295ms
SG: – 65ms
BD: – 6ms

We have refreshed our offerings and started offering new package. Details can be found at below URLs:

Shared Hosting: https://www.tetrahostbd.com/shared
Reseller Hosting: https://www.tetrahostbd.com/reseller
Dedicated Server: https://www.tetrahostbd.com/dedicated

We also want to inform, TetraHost has completed its 10th year already and to celebrate the occasion, We are offering 50% discount on shared and reseller hosting service. More informtion is available on the following URL: https://www.tetrahostbd.com/specials

If you want to know more about the locations, new offerings or any other query, please contact us directly via +8801913377417 or email us at sales@tetrahostbd.com

31 Dec

New Service Plan

We are very pleased to announce that, effective from January 1, 2012, we will be offering all new plans. Its time to have more space on less price. All the offers are valid for both new and old client. Our existing client will be able to enjoy their current plans as long as they want. If anyone want to switch their account to a newer plan, please throw us with a sales ticket at sales@tetrahostbd.com

### New offers at a Glance:

Web Hosting:

Package Name: Planet – 1
Quota: 1000 MB
Bandwidth: 20000 MB
Price: 1200

Package Name: Planet – 2
Quota: 2000 MB
Bandwidth: 40000 MB
Price: 1800

Package Name: Planet – 3
Quota: 3000 MB
Bandwidth: 60000 MB
Price: 2400

Package Name: Planet – 4
Quota: 5000 MB
Bandwidth: 100000 MB
Price: 3000

Details information available at: http://www.tetrahostbd.com/hosting.html

Reseller Hosting:

Package Name: Earth – 1
Quota: 15000 MB
Bandwidth: 300000 MB
Price: 7000

Package Name: Earth – 2
Quota: 20000 MB
Bandwidth: 400000 MB
Price: 9000

Package Name: Earth – 3
Quota: 30000 MB
Bandwidth: 600000 MB
Price: 12000

Package Name: Earth – 4
Quota: 50000 MB
Bandwidth: 1000000 MB
Price: 16000

Details information available at: http://www.tetrahostbd.com/reseller.html

Radio Hosting:

Package Name: Radio – 128
User Limit: 128
Bitrate Limit: 32
Quota: 1000 MB
Bandwidth: 20000 MB
Price: 7000

Package Name: Radio – 256
User Limit: 256
Bitrate Limit: 32
Quota: 2000 MB
Bandwidth: 40000 MB
Price: 10000

Package Name: Radio – 512
User Limit: 512
Bitrate Limit: 32
Quota: 3000 MB
Bandwidth: 60000 MB
Price: 15000

Package Name: Radio – 999
User Limit: 999
Bitrate Limit: 32
Quota: 5000 MB
Bandwidth: 100000 MB
Price: 25000

Details information available at: http://www.tetrahostbd.com/radio.html


Best Regards,

Sales Desk, TetraHost.


26 Dec

Price increase for .COM & .NET domains!

Few days ago, we were notified by our mother domain registrar that, VeriSign, Inc. will be increasing the cost to register .com and .net TLD’s effective from January 15, 2012. Here is part of the announcement:

DULLES, VA — (MARKET WIRE) — 07/14/11 — VeriSign, Inc. (NASDAQ: VRSN), the trusted provider of Internet infrastructure services for the networked world, today announced, effective Jan. 15, 2012, an increase in registry domain name fees for .com and .net, per its agreements with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

This will be the third price increase, by Verisign, in the last few years. Adding to this, recently the USD Dollar Rate has increased significantly as well. A few month ago it was 70tk per USD but currently it is something around 80tk per USD.

Up until now, we have absorbed the cost of these price increases, however, we can no longer continue to absorb these price increases. We were trying to manage it within ourselves but with both Verisign Price increase and USD Dollar Rate increase we are forced to increase our Domain Registration cost for .COM and .NET

We would also like to mention that we are not going to increase the price heavily at all. Our price will remain same on USD rate which is 10$ but in BDT the price would be 800tk(previously it was 700tk). Effective from January 14, 2012, all existing domain registrations maintained by TetraHostbd.com will increase to the new rate of BDT 800tk/year per domain for .COM and .NET. The new price will be applicable for both, single and multiple(Domain Reseller) domain registration.

Thank you for your understanding. If you have any questions about this notice, please do not hesitate to reply this blog post.


Ashraful Insan (Rony)
Sr. Systems Administrator
TetraHost Bangladesh