29 Nov

Announcement: bKash Merchant Account Activated

TetraHost finally activated it’s bKash Merchant Account. Now our clients will be able to send service payment via Our bKash Merchant Account.

Please follow the steps to make payment:

01. Go to your bKash Mobile Menu by dialing *247#
02. Choose “Payment” as option 3
03. Enter the Merchant bKash Account Number you want to pay to: 01841377417
04. Enter the amount you want to pay: Invoice Amount or Due Amount
05. Enter a reference against your payment: Ex: Invoice Number
06. Enter the Counter Number: 1
07. Now enter your bKash Mobile Menu PIN to confirm

Done! Now you should received an confirmation SMS from bKash regarding your transaction. Please create a billing ticket at billing [at] tetrahostbd.com and let us know about the transaction. Once the payment is verified, it will be added to your account or used against your requested product/service.

NOTE: TetraHost is not charging for bKash Charge. You can pay us exactly the same amount displayed on your invoice or our Website 🙂

22 May

TetraHost now added new payment feature – bKash!!!

One request we have consistently gotten last few months which is to have/enabled bKash at TetraHost. We received the request both from our existing client and the new customer who wants to use TetraHost’s Service. So here we announce that, we heard you and the bKash is available now at TetraHost.


About bKash:

  • Send and receive money with minimal effort and cost.
  • Send and receive money, or make payments the fastest way there is!
  • bKash users enjoy increased convenience of accessing their finances from their own mobile phones anytime, anywhere. bKash gives you the flexibility to perform transactions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, regardless of time and place. No queues no waiting; the most convenient way of transferring money.
  • bKash is the easiest and safest way to send or receive money instantly on your mobile, nationwide. No matter where you are in Bangladesh, bKash is always with you.

It is available for both our existing client and new customer. Our user will find the bKash payment option at their Checkout page.



Our bKash Account Number is



We believe the new addition of our bKash payment method will make the client payment process easy and quick. We will be adding more payment system at TetraHost soon.

If you have any query, please call us at +88 01913377417 or send a email at sales[at]tetrahostbd[dot]com