11 Nov

Clamav, a nice anti-virus for cPanel Server!

I was searching for a good anti virus which can be used easily with cPanel server and detect threats confidently. After a lot of search, discussing with techy people i finally decided to use Clamav Anti Virus for my server. I was surprise to see its effectiveness.

Clamav can detect viruses, trojans, malwares from your server. More importantly, it can detect if there any hacking activity is running on your server with any shell script.

Clamav, can be installed very easily into a cPanel server. Here are the steps:

>> Login to your root WHM
>> Manage Plugins
>> Here you will see a list of free manageable plugin offered by cPanel
>> Find “clamavconnector” and check the box which says “Install and keep updated”
>> Scroll down and click on “Save”
>> Now, system will automatically download all required file to your server and install it for you.
>> Once the installation is completed, you are ready to use it immediately!

Now to scan the server you need to follow the following steps:

You’ll need to login as root to SSH to do this,

Create a file named “clamscan.log”

>> cd /var/log
>> touch clamscan.log

To scan all the cPanel accounts, i mean users home directory, please run the following command:

clamscan -ir /home/*/public_html > /var/log/clamscan.log &

This command will scan all public_html and log all infected files to /var/log/clamscan.log. Now, you can see all the effected files and remove them from their location.

Your cPanel server is secure now!