15 May

Announcement: Price Increase on Certain Domains

Effective from May 13, 2019 pricing for few domains will change to reflect a recent increase in prices of the respective TLDs by its registry operator.

Our new price for these TLDs are mentioned below:

Domain | New Price(tk)

.net | 1000/yr
.org | 1000/yr
.biz | 1100/yr
.info | 1100/yr

Our current domain offerings:

TetraHost will continue to regularly assess its market offerings and may occasionally adjust pricing to remain competitive while also providing exceptional value to its customers.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact sales [at] tetrahostbd.com for clarification.

03 Feb

Announcement: Outbound/Outgoing Email Protection via Mailchannels

TetraHost is announcing a partnership with MailChannels, an outbound/outgoing email filtering and delivery solutions provider for internet based companies.

We have deployed MailChannels for all our cPanel based shared, reseller, and semi dedicated hosting services. Our deployment of their technology within our infrastructure involves relaying all email through their networks, and ensuring email delivery for all our customers. No customer should ever have to worry about their host’s IP reputations.

We have stepped up our game, and feel this puts us at a strong advantage over standard email solutions and this deployment will cost no extra money to our clients. There is no more worrying about if your emails were received or marked as spam due to the high reputation that MailChannels has by filtering out any spam emails from being sent. Getting to the inbox has never been easier.

TetraHost’s clients can verify the new deployment by checking the message header and look for Mailchannels relay addresses. MailChannels is our latest technology partner in our efforts to fight spam. To learn more about MailChannels, visit their web site at mailchannels.com.

All the Best,
Service Development Team, TetraHost

Sunday, February 3rd, 2019

10 Sep

G Suite – Google Apps for Business by TetraHost

Email, Chat, Productivity Apps, Cloud Storage

What you get with G Suite

Professional email powered by Gmail
A cloud-based productivity suite
30 GB cloud storage on Google Drive
Real-time collaboration with Docs & Sheets
Easily connect through Hangouts & Calendar
Enhanced security provided by Google
Outlook Email Client with G Suite Sync

G Suite: POWER-POINT Presentation

More Information: https://www.tetrahostbd.com/gsuite

Contact | Order

07 Mar

Announcement: Free Let’s Encrypt SSL With Hosting

We’re delighted to announce that Let’s Encrypt certificates are now available at TetraHost.

Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated and open certificate authority (CA) that offers free SSL certificates for the public’s benefit. Just like a paid for SSL certificate, a Let’s Encrypt certificate provides HTTPS protection for your website. You can find it by login into your cPanel and navigating to the Security section or simply by typing Let’s Encrypt in the search field.

What is Let’s Encrypt?

Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated and open certificate authority which provides domain-validated security certificates. Run by Internet Security Research Group (ISRG) Let’s Encrypts primary goal is to create a more secure and privacy-respecting web by making https more accessible and user friendly.

Here’s how Let’s Encrypt Certificates work:

  • – It’s free(Absolutely)
  • – Easy installation(Very)
  • – Enables https
  • – Domain validated
  • – Trusted by major browsers
  • – Renews automatically every 90 days

What is https?

Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS), unlike its http counterpart is a communications protocol which provides a secure connection between a site and a visitor’s web browser, meaning any data shared is encrypted and safe from prying eyes.

Why HTTPS is important?

For security and Google.

First and foremost, https makes your website secure for your users. If your website does not use https, data sent between it and your users can potentially be intercepted, monitored or even altered by a 3rd party as it traverses the internet.

Security is a top priority for Google and back in August 2016 they announced https would to be used as a ranking single to encourage webmaster to use encryption. Continuing their mission for a safer web, from this month Google will highlight all sites which collect passwords and credit card data without https encryption as ‘Non-secure’ to visitors. You can learn more about this update here.

How to install Let’s Encrypt SSL?

With Let’s Encrypt you will be able to receive a certificate for your website without filling out any information details and by clicking a single button. Just choose the domain/subdomain you wish to cover with a certificate to and click on the Issue button next to it.

For more information about the Let’s Encrypt project and how it works, visit their official website.

If you are having any issue with SSL install or want us to install the certificates for you, please submit a ticket at support [at] tetrahostbd.com

26 Mar

Softaculous Has Arrived!

softaculousWe have added the ever growing in popularity auto installer Softaculous by replacing Fantastico. For those not in the know, Softaculous is an extremely fast auto installer for cPanel. Softaculous is wrapping up most of the recent updates, it is gaining its priority not only among the webmasters as a consumers but also amidst the web hosting companies as providers. Fantastico has been around since a long time and was primarily the main choice of Web Hosting companies, but now Softaculous has emerged with some appealing features, better scripts and number of extended services.

Let’s take a look at some of the lightening features of Softaculous:

  • Softaculous own more than 300 scripts
  • Softaculous keeps on adding new scripts
  • Softaculous has a very neat interface with category view
  • Simple & User Friendly Interface
  • One step installation
  • Ability to install Javascript Libraries
  • Ability to take backup of applications
  • Softaculous provides Demo of each script as well
  • User ratings/reviews of different scripts

And much more..

It is now available on all our Shared Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting and Radio Hosting customers free of charge. Our customer will be able to access Softaculous by access cPanel >> Softaculous.

Comparison chart that shows how Softaculous measures up to other auto installers:


You can also catch out a live demo from the following URL


We’re pretty happy about this change, and we think you will be too.

The TetraHost Team

09 Sep

WHMSonic – Radio Hosting Panel Updated

Wow! The new WHMSonic Panel, it looks awesome and comes with lot more feature! Yes, the script is updated and all our client radio panel is updated to latest version. You can check the new version by login to your cPanel >> WHMSonic
ShoutCast Admin Pro
. Currently the script is running WHMSonic v2.1.1

Message from WHMSonic:

Many new features direct from your requests with hundreds of tweaks and improvements. It was somehow hard to write every new feature and changes to software, the following list is only highlighted changes and fixes. There are several other new and sub features under the following new features and fixes.

We are very proud to present WHMSonic v2.1; Almost everything you know about WHMSonic software has changed. We have re-coded and re-designed the software completely and we have spent time approximately 2 years on the development, we worked hard together and at the end we brought you amazing and unique new features which are not done ever before, of couse with our “professional but easy to use” policy.

To do list for the radio clients:

1.) If you have an AutoDJ setup from the old version, login to your cPanel WHMSonic and click “Update Required” button on your “AutoDJ Management” page. This will automatically update your AutoDJ without changing your mp3 base and it will create a playlist for your current mp3 base. This will be done within a few seconds or minutes depending on number of mp3 files under the current mp3 base. You can then manage your playlist under the playlist manager with a powerful playlist manager.

2.) WHMSonic requires a playlist before AutoDJ creation now. You can create a playlist under the “Playlist Manager” of your cPanel WHMSonic. You can easily upload music files to your playlist mp3 base which is shown on the playlist page by using “upload music files” button under the playlist manager. Internal radio clients can also use FTP to upload.

3) IMPORTANT: If you are an external radio client, be aware that this version has terminated/removed the FTP features. You have now better upload feature under the “Playlist Manager” >> “Upload Music Files” button. It is a multiple upload feature, you can select multiple songs by holding CTRL key. It will upload your mp3 files and will add them on your playlist, then you can manage your playlist.

For all radio clients, you may watch this tutorial video on how to create an autodj and playlist + ftp and reload playlist function + external radio clients upload new music and autodj creation, Click Here to watch the tutorial video

If you face any issue with your panel, please contact our support desk via email or give us a call.

Enjoy the new version!

18 Jan

Server Upgrade

As you know already, our main server which is “hera.ihostman.com” will be moved to a better hardware. We have already ordered the new server from our Datacenter which is Softlayer, USA. The new server physical location is Texas, Dallas. We have chosen Dallas location because the connectivity from Bangladesh is fast then any other location. We will inform you about the new Server Configuration very soon via our blog post.

We are expecting to start the transfer process from 20th January, 2012 at mid-night 12.00 AM(GMT +6). Please note, We do not expect any downtime during the transfer process. We will take every steps to keep all our client account up and running smoothly/properly.

To make the process faster, we may take down the following two service for 24-48 hour:

1. cPanel
2. FTP Server

So, while both the service set to down, user will not be able to access cPanel or upload any file to server using FTP. It is also recommended not to update any site while we ran the transfer process to avoid any file missing issue. Please note again, HTTP service or Web Access will stay up during this process.

We are expecting to complete the transfer process in 24hours time. As soon as the transfer process is completed, we will update the DNS Server.

*** Update regarding the transfer process will be informed via our blog post.

We hope to have your full co-operation during the transfer process.


NOC, TetraHost

31 Dec

New Service Plan

We are very pleased to announce that, effective from January 1, 2012, we will be offering all new plans. Its time to have more space on less price. All the offers are valid for both new and old client. Our existing client will be able to enjoy their current plans as long as they want. If anyone want to switch their account to a newer plan, please throw us with a sales ticket at sales@tetrahostbd.com

### New offers at a Glance:

Web Hosting:

Package Name: Planet – 1
Quota: 1000 MB
Bandwidth: 20000 MB
Price: 1200

Package Name: Planet – 2
Quota: 2000 MB
Bandwidth: 40000 MB
Price: 1800

Package Name: Planet – 3
Quota: 3000 MB
Bandwidth: 60000 MB
Price: 2400

Package Name: Planet – 4
Quota: 5000 MB
Bandwidth: 100000 MB
Price: 3000

Details information available at: http://www.tetrahostbd.com/hosting.html

Reseller Hosting:

Package Name: Earth – 1
Quota: 15000 MB
Bandwidth: 300000 MB
Price: 7000

Package Name: Earth – 2
Quota: 20000 MB
Bandwidth: 400000 MB
Price: 9000

Package Name: Earth – 3
Quota: 30000 MB
Bandwidth: 600000 MB
Price: 12000

Package Name: Earth – 4
Quota: 50000 MB
Bandwidth: 1000000 MB
Price: 16000

Details information available at: http://www.tetrahostbd.com/reseller.html

Radio Hosting:

Package Name: Radio – 128
User Limit: 128
Bitrate Limit: 32
Quota: 1000 MB
Bandwidth: 20000 MB
Price: 7000

Package Name: Radio – 256
User Limit: 256
Bitrate Limit: 32
Quota: 2000 MB
Bandwidth: 40000 MB
Price: 10000

Package Name: Radio – 512
User Limit: 512
Bitrate Limit: 32
Quota: 3000 MB
Bandwidth: 60000 MB
Price: 15000

Package Name: Radio – 999
User Limit: 999
Bitrate Limit: 32
Quota: 5000 MB
Bandwidth: 100000 MB
Price: 25000

Details information available at: http://www.tetrahostbd.com/radio.html


Best Regards,

Sales Desk, TetraHost.


26 Dec

Price increase for .COM & .NET domains!

Few days ago, we were notified by our mother domain registrar that, VeriSign, Inc. will be increasing the cost to register .com and .net TLD’s effective from January 15, 2012. Here is part of the announcement:

DULLES, VA — (MARKET WIRE) — 07/14/11 — VeriSign, Inc. (NASDAQ: VRSN), the trusted provider of Internet infrastructure services for the networked world, today announced, effective Jan. 15, 2012, an increase in registry domain name fees for .com and .net, per its agreements with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

This will be the third price increase, by Verisign, in the last few years. Adding to this, recently the USD Dollar Rate has increased significantly as well. A few month ago it was 70tk per USD but currently it is something around 80tk per USD.

Up until now, we have absorbed the cost of these price increases, however, we can no longer continue to absorb these price increases. We were trying to manage it within ourselves but with both Verisign Price increase and USD Dollar Rate increase we are forced to increase our Domain Registration cost for .COM and .NET

We would also like to mention that we are not going to increase the price heavily at all. Our price will remain same on USD rate which is 10$ but in BDT the price would be 800tk(previously it was 700tk). Effective from January 14, 2012, all existing domain registrations maintained by TetraHostbd.com will increase to the new rate of BDT 800tk/year per domain for .COM and .NET. The new price will be applicable for both, single and multiple(Domain Reseller) domain registration.

Thank you for your understanding. If you have any questions about this notice, please do not hesitate to reply this blog post.


Ashraful Insan (Rony)
Sr. Systems Administrator
TetraHost Bangladesh