04 Aug

Scheduled Maintenance – Server Replacement/Upgrade – hera.ihostman.com – 09/08/2013 or 10/08/2013

This is a important technical alert from TetraHost. You may be affected by this announcement if you have a shared or reseller hosting account with TetraHost. Please review the following information.

Platform: Linux
Server: hera.ihostman.com
Server Primary IP:
Scope of Work: Server Replacement / Upgrade
Reason: Server has reached end of service life
Time: Ongoing from 09/08/2013 or 10/08/2013
Start Time: 12:00 AM GMT +6
End Time: 10:00 PM GMT +6
Duration: 22 hours
Services affected: Public Access to site

We are currently upgrading all of our cPanel Linux shared and reseller hosting servers. This is being done to increase performance and remove older server equipment from our network which has reached the end of its service life. Over the past few weeks we have noticed that the server performance has gone down to a bit. It is also creating some high load on the server when it tries to run High IO task. We do not want our client to face low performance with their hosted site on TetraHost. This is why we will be moving the server to a better hardware.

The new setup is going to be great. Here is our new server configuration:

Data Center: Dallas, Softlayer
Processor: Single Processor Quad Core Xeon 1270 – 3.50GHz (Ivy Bridge) – 1 x 8MB cache w/HT
Operating System: CentOS 6.0 (64 bit)
Ram: 16GB DDR3 1333
Disk Controller: SATA RAID 10 Disk Controller
Hard Drive: 4 x 1TB on RAID10
Uplink Port Speeds: 100Mbit

As you can see above, we will be using the latest server processor which is Ivy Bridge. The server RAM is also upgraded from 8GB to 12GB. This time TetraHost will be having a new server hardware which is RAID10. RAID will make the server data transfer faster and will secure our clients data.

We do not anticipate any interruption to service while this migration takes place but as it involves a change of IP address, client may not be able to access their site for sometime. If the name servers for your domain name(s) are not set to TetraHost name servers (specifically ns5.ihostman.com and ns6.ihostman.com), the DNS records will not be updated automatically. In which case you will need to update your DNS records manually via your DNS provider. The nameserver domain which is registered by TetraHost will be changed from our side. If your accounts is assigned a dedicated IP and your name servers do not point to ours, please contact us to find out the new IP your account will be given.

We appreciate your patience during this work and welcome any feedback.

Thank you,
Network Engineering, TetraHost