23 Jul

Important Notice – Server Migration – hera.ihostman.com – 23/07/2021

We would like to inform you that, We will be migrating this server “hera.ihostman.com” to a new hardware. We have already taken the new server and currently working on building the server environment. We hope to start the data migration process starting from 9pm(GMT +6), 23/07/2021. During the data migration process We will be taking down the server and no services will work. This will make the migration process faster and smooth.

We expect to finish the migration process within 24-36 hours time. As this is a old hardware and lots of users data is available We want to make sure every user data is copied to new server. This is why it will take more time.

Below is the new hardware configuration:

Processor: 3.4GHz Hexa-Core E-2236 Coffee Lake Xeon
Memory: 128 GB
Hard Drive: 2 x 1.92TB NVMe

Once the migration is completed We shall inform you again. In the meantime We appreciate your patience on this matter.

14 Jul

cPanel – How to access sFTP

sFTP is more secure method then normal FTP method. The SSH File Transfer Protocol (sFTP), also known as the Secure File Transfer Protocol, enables secure file transfer capabilities between hosts.

There are three steps:

1. Enable SSH access for the respective account

At TetraHost, SSH access is by default disabled for security reason. If someone needs it for some valid purpose, they can request for it by contacting our support desk. In order to access sFTP, SSH access must be enabled.

2. Generate Public/Private Key

Once SSH access is enabled please follow the below instruction to generate Public/Private key:

— Login to respective cPanel Account with username and password
— Visit Security >> SSH Access menu >> Manage SSH Keys
— Generate a New Key with requested information
— Once the keys are generated, you will have to download them
— Before downloading the Private Keys, please convert it to PPK format to use with FTP client

3. Add Key to FTP Client Software

Once you have the Private Keys save to your computer, follow below steps to establish an sFTP connection:

— Open your FTP Client Software such as FileZilla or WinSCP

— Go to settings menu and add the key to the client. For Filezilla it is available under Edit >> Settings >> SFTP menu. For WinSCP, Click on Manage >> Authentication

— Now provide FTP login details and SSH Port instead of default FTP port to establish an sFTP connection