23 Dec

Immediate Disk Maintenance – hera.ihostman.com – Starts Tonight, 9PM, 22/12/19

We want to notify all customers hosted at our HERA(Server Primary IP server that tonight, December 22nd, 2019 from 09:00 PM to 05:00 AM , there will be a scheduled maintenance for approximately eight hour. TetraHost will be using this time to run disk maintenance. We have noticed that the server’s primary SSD drive is failing and need to be replaced with a brand new drive. We are going to clone the existing drive to new drive. This process requires a good amount of time thus We have set the maintenance window to 8 hours. We need to perform this immediately to avoid full disk failure. We have scheduled this maintenance window on off-peak hours so that We can ensure smooth transition.

Please note again, during the maintenance window server will be taken down completely and no service will be accessible. We expect no data loss during the maintenance.

We appreciate your patience and understanding. As always, if you have questions or issues, please submit them to support [at] tetrahostbd.com

For any immediate concerns please connect with us over Live Chat service available at our Website.


We would like to inform you that We have successfully completed the disk maintenance. We have replaced the server’s primary hard drive with a new SSD and cloned the disk as well. Currently the server is UP and running with new disk. We are currently monitoring the server for any issue. Please visit your website, login to your control panels and verify that all are working or not.

If you face any issue please do not hesitate to contact us via +8801913377417 or Submit a support ticket to support@tetrahostbd.com or connect with us over Live Chat service available at our Website.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.