07 Aug

TetraHost Launches New Website

TetraHost a pioneer web hosting service provider in Bangladesh, has launched its new business site design.

The new website, which has been in development for nearly two months, is significantly broader in scope than the previous site. It now better showcases TetraHost’s hosting offerings. The new site also features more intuitive navigation, faster loading pages, and a more vibrant color scheme. Visitors using a screen reader or other mobile device will be able to more easily access content on the site.

We would love to see your feedbacks and suggestion on the new site.

03 Aug

Follow TetraHost on Twitter!

That’s right, TetraHost is now on Twitter!

Please follow us at: http://www.twitter.com/tetrahost

You will always find important updates, network notifications, and much more on our twitter. The main thing being network notifications as it’s not hosted on any of the TetraHost networks so in case of emergency you can always check twitter.