12 Feb

Website Protection Issue

Today while surfing on internet i came to know that a Bangladeshi Hacker group called “Bangladesh Black Hat Hackers” is hacking Indian Websites and they already hacked around 5000+ website in last few days.

You can read more about the hacker group from the following link:

Some Indian Hackers group has already declared a Cyber War against us and they will also try to hack Bangladeshi Websites. On this post i will also wanted to inform our clients that We always try to secure our server in every possible way. Our NOC is closely monitoring all our servers to protect any hacking attempt.

It is also recommended that all our clients have sufficient protection setup on their website as well. We required you to follow the below steps:

1. Update your anti virus software and scan your machine completely.
2. Change your cPanel Password and set a strong one.
3. Take backup of your files on your machine.

NOW, this is a very important part, those who are using WordPress and Joomla, please update your installation to latest version. We have already written two article on how to protect WordPress and Joomla installation from getting hacked and we want all user to read those two article carefully and apply the protection ASAP.

Here is the article link:

WordPress: http://blog.tetrahostbd.com/2012/01/31/wordpress-protection/
Joomla: http://blog.tetrahostbd.com/2012/02/02/joomla-protection/

If you have any query or facing any problem please contact us via email at support@tetrahostbd.com or sales@tetrahostbd.com (Please send email from your registered email address that you have with TetraHost).

NOC, TetraHost.


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