03 Sep

TetraHost Welcome Attracta! The Free SEO Tools Available on every cPanel!

Today, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is imperative to give your business the exposure it needs to be successful and allows potential customers to find you easily online. Having Search Engine Optimization will bring more direct hits to your website. More exposure means increased customers, increased sales and increased business success for you.

TetraHost Hosting knows how important it is to have your business website online with easy accessibility for potential customers. That is why TetraHost Hosting has now included Attracta, the Search Engine Optimization plug-in that allows you to apply SEO related techniques to your website directly and quickly. You will find this plug-in in your cPanel, in the section called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools, The World’s Largest SEO Service.. It is absolutely free and their is no need to have great knowledge to maintaining it.

Feature :

  • Guaranteed Inclusion in Google, Yahoo! and Bing
  • Get Listed in the Powerful Attracta Directory
  • Easily Scan for Malware and Google Blacklisting
  • Improve Your Search Ranking with In-Depth SEO Tips and Videos
  • Used by more websites than any other SEO Tools

The Attracta SEO plug-in will optimize and send your website to the top of the Google, Yahoo and Bing. Attracta comes with many features and tools to ensure your website is visible and reachable online.

  • We crawl your website finding all of its pages, including pages that can’t be found by search engines’ crawlers, to create an XML Sitemap and SEO dashboard report.
  • We submit your XML Sitemap directly to the XML interface of major search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing and Ask— plus help you find and fix SEO errors.
  • The search engines use your XML Sitemap to drive more qualified traffic to your site by indexing more pages in search results.

Question: How can i use it?

  • Login to the cPanel
  • Go to “Update Contact Info”
  • Here please check the email address and set the correct one that you want to use with your Attracta Account
  • Once you set the email properly, Go to SEO and Marketing Tools
  • Click on any icon and Agree the Attracta Terms & Conditions
  • As soon as you accept their TOS, your account will be created and details will be emailed to you
  • That is it! You are ON with your Attracta SEO Account!

Your competitors are on the Google™ map. Are you?

60% of households no longer use the Yellow Pages
82% of consumers search online for local products and services
Over 60% of local searches result in a sale!

TetraHost Hosting, the only web hosting service you need for today… to secure success and prosperity with your business tomorrow. Almost 2.5 Million website is using the Attracta SEO Plugin tool! Get your SEO enabled web hosting NOW!

17 Aug

Getting Listed in Google

Your new business or personal/community web site is finally up and running. But how do you attract visitors now to your website? The first step towards announcing your website to the World Wide Web is to get listed in Search Engines. Majority of the traffic to a website is through Search Engines. Google is one of the most popular Search Engines and we will give you a few tips on how to get listed in Google and increase the traffic to your website.

1) Add your URL to Google:

The first step to get listed for any website is by manually submitting your URL with Google. Visit: http://www.google.com/addurl/ and submit your website details. Google does not guarentee that your website will be listed, but you can improve your chances of getting listed by following the protocols outlined by Google. You can follow these protocols when designing your website to increase search engine friendliness.

You can also try submitting your URL at DMOZ The Open Directory which Google uses for classifying websites. This is a directory that is managed by volunteers that act as “category editors.” To list your site, simply go to the most appropriate category for your web site, then drill down to the relevant subcategory and select the “Add URL” link at the top of that category’s page.

The time required for the Google bot to start crawling your website will vary though you can expect it to start within a week or two.

2) Increase PageRank

Google uses PageRank algorithm for ranking websites. This is Google’s description of PageRank:

“ PageRank relies on the uniquely democratic nature of the web by using its vast link structure as an indicator of an individual page’s value. In essence, Google interprets a link from page A to page B as a vote, by page A, for page B. But, Google looks at more than the sheer volume of votes, or links a page receives; it also analyzes the page that casts the vote. Votes cast by pages that are themselves “important” weigh more heavily and help to make other pages “important”.

Hence it is important that your website should have links from and to other websites. The more number of links, the better PageRank for your website which means more traffic to your website! You can start writing articles and submit them to the article submission sites. All of the article sites (the good ones at least) allow you to include a section called “About the Author” or “Author Resource”. It’s here that you can include a link back to your site.

3) Sitemaps

Sitemaps help visitors to navigate between pages and also helps search engine bot to index very easily. Generate a sitemap and keep it updated so that Search Engines will be able to index your website efficiently. There are many Sitemap generators available. You can find a good list of Sitemap generators here.

4) Search Engine Friendly design

When designing your website, make sure that it is search engine friendly. Meta description is an important component for on-page SEO. Google only consider 155 characters from Meta description. So it’s important to write a unique Meta description within 155 characters using keywords. Images make articles and pages attractive to visitors. More over images are also indexed different search engines. Using relevant keywords in the image ALT tags help Search Engines to recognize images and index them according to the ALT tags. Title tag is very important. Title should not be too long. For Google, 70 characters are enough. Descriptive titles have maximum clickthoughs.

5) Content is King

The most important factor for driving more visitors to your website and maintaining them is to keep your content updated regularly. This would naturally keep Google Bots busy as well as they will index more pages from your website. The more you update the content within your site, the more value it earns. It takes more than simply having content on your site to bring visitors back to your site time after time. It takes quality content that is updated regularly.

Google and other search engines have a very simple goal with their search results: to provide the most relevant results to those who perform a search. It is important that your web pages are optimized for search engines if you want to get high search engine rankings. A combination of optimized web pages and high link popularity leads to high rankings on search engines like Google.

11 Aug

5 Most Important SEO Tricks

Ever since business owners have discovered the importance of websites in boosting their every webmaster wants their site to gain top rankings in search engines. However, most are not successful in getting top rank. Here, are some tricks to help you get top search engine rankings.

i. Content is king

This cliché is actually true. So you need to get the content right. Search engines prefer websites that are actually useful for users and provide quality information. Also, other webmasters will be more open to giving you backlinks if they find your website high on quality. Plagiarism is a huge no-no and you cannot copy paste content from other sites.

ii. Keyword is important

The keywords that you use for your website need to be researched thoroughly. They are the base for ranking. Hence, you don’t want to goof up by putting in keywords that bring in the wrong audience.

iii. Page linking

Link the different pages of your website to one another. This serves as a guide for search engine spiders. Text links add to the relevancy of your web page, so make use of them. Creating a site map is a very beneficial step, because it can have all the links to the different pages.

iv. Keep the website simple

Most people go wrong by jazzing up their website too much. The rule is to keep it simple. Therefore, don’t bank that much on flash or animation. They don’t add any real value to your website, and also slow down the speed of the download. This may also deviate traffic to other websites, because no one really wants to wait that long!

v. Submission in directories

There are hundreds of directories on the Internet where you can submit your website. Backlinks from reputed submission directories contribute in increasing the page rank of your website. However, it may take days before your link shows up. But the wait is worthwhile.

03 Aug

Tips to Get Your Site on Top of Google

Everyone wants their website to get top rankings on Google. Though it sounds like a far away dream, this is quite possible if you make the right efforts in the right direction.

The website should be in top form
This means that all your web pages are totally clean and do not have any pointless flash or animation. The meta tags should correctly reflect what is on them, this includes keywords, description, content and title. And most importantly, your content should be in top form, useful, and informative. All the hyperlinks on each paragraph or each page should work out fine.

Make the presence of the website visible to Google
In order to get this done, you need at least 35 quality links pointing to your site. Only then will Google even start to take notice of the website. And each of these 35 links should come from different websites. So if you submit to directories, chose the best ones that are high in page rank themselves. Don’t waste your time getting links from sites, that can’t ensure quality listing. That will not really help you.

Research what Google is actually looking for
Therefore if your content is not helpful or unique, don’t expect to find great favors from Google. A website that has just been put together to reap in money without anything concrete on it will not really get you anywhere with Google.

Keep on working on the website
You have to keep improving your website. Meta tags should be reviewed. Php and html should be pulled up. So not forget to improve the navigation, structure and content of your website. The trick is to update. And this goes for backlinks too. just because your website has figured once in top ranking does not mean that you forget to do the base work.